Our Journey

src line up

17th August 2020

New Line Up Announcement

A whole new journey and challenges ahead of the team. Starts fresh during Covid-19 is already a challenge but working in a new team and new environment are what we strived for. The target and purpose are new, to improve the system of last leaders and creates better and more professional leaders.

27th August 2020

Ten Empowerment Goals

New challenges help to produce new initiatives. Our team is very committed to provide the needs for our fellow friends and students at DRB-HICOM University. New goals are set, new manifestos were made for the betterment of all. We strived for excellence to strengthen the University.

2nd September 2020

Introducing SRC new policies to Higher Management of University

The date marks a new beginning between SRC, management and students. The meetings achieved the objective in order to help students matters. One by one of our TEG is presented to the management members and a new era for SRC begins.

7th September 2020

Delegates MPPK to DRB-HICOM University

An honourable moment for the team and university. The highest delegates of Majlis Perundingan Pelajar Kebangsaan (MPPK) visits DRB-HICOM U to discuss their direction towards all IPT. The confluence strengthen cooperation between SRC and MPPK in gaining the positive result to dignify the students.

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24th September 2020

Official Appointment Online Ceremony

The ceremony was attended by the Top Management of the University and officiated by Vice-Chancellor of DRB-HICOM U, Prof Dato Sr Dr. Haji Omar Haji Osman. This includes 10 representatives that was chosen by democracy. Quoting the Vice Chancellor’s words “Leader must always be ready to face digital era to be part of ‘digital native’ in order to increase the readiness in students for future generation”. SRC will always strive to strengthen students by moving forward into the digital era. With the official appointment, each SRC members are expected to be commited and always strive to empower students and cater to their welfare effectively.

28th September 2020

Courtesy Visit to WIDAD University

WIDAD University’s SRC had been a close partner to us in IPTS. As one of the prestigious university in Pahang, we paid them a visit to discuss for further collaboration to empower student leaders among both university. Great team with great chemistry helps us through recognising their university.

30th September 2020

"Minggu Silaturahim" (MISRA)

Strengthening collaborative relationship among Higher Private Institution was the main objective of the week. 9 SRC delegates visited several university’s to achieve understanding between leaders. UniKL, and UTM open-heartedly received our request to pay them a visit as well as two corporate body companies.


1st October 2020

Delegates to DRB-HICOM Group Headquarters

DRB-HICOM University Student Representative Council delegates attended a meeting with DRB-HICOM Group Managing Director, Dato ’Sri Syed Faisal Albar Syed A.R. Albar at Wisma DRM-HICOM, Shah Alam Selangor.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss on students and graduates welfare and development that focuses on industrial training, exposure to subsidiary, and students need. In addition, Student Representative Council also exchange ideas to develop and help students holistically.

We are looking forward for cooperation from DRB-HICOM University and the students to empower the students for the future

2nd November 2020

Students' Induction Week of Association (SISWA)

Clubs and association in DRB=HICOM University are the backbone of students’ development in our University. Talent, skills, leadership and passion are what gained by the students during their tenure in each organisation. Students’ Induction Week of Association remarks the first virtual event for clubs and associations to promote their clubs to fellow students. This pandemic shifted almost every movement of the university;s activities. However, they are all striving for excellence in their respective field. SISWA promotes all sports, entertainment and educational activities provided by the organisations.

28th November 2020

First step towards O-Hunger

The Student Representative Council took a different approach to achieve TEG No6 by providing lunch to students in University Village. By the help of SRC members, 90 students who stays in University Village during MMCO second phase were cared. O-Hunger will be launch as one of the SRC initiative to establish a Foodbank in University.

10th December 2020

ASEAN University Student Council Union Conference

President, Muhammad Bukhari attended the 4th Conference of ASEAN Student Council Union (AUSCU) representing Malaysia as one of the delegates. The conference discusses the importance of roles and identities of ASEAN in the region. The conference gathered all the state members in finding solution on regional issues.


18th January 2021

Post Flood Volunteer Pekan

Student Representative Council and student volunteers participated in district level volunteering activities in Pekan. The mission on cleaning the village centre was taken in assisting the villagers on that day.

19th February 2021

E-Induction DRB-HICOM University

The Student Representative Council members, gather and greet students online during the e-indusction for the new students.


16th March 2021

"Mesyuarat Perdana MPPK"

The national meeting was chaired by Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. The MPPK members and student representatives of all public university, private institutions, politechnic and IPG are invited to discuss on 3 proposal presented.

18th February 2021

Policy Talk Session with KBS

Members of the Student Representative Council attended an online session with Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia to discuss on the insights on policy making in Malaysia.


31st March 2021

Nature Use Advocay Program

The enggaegment was done by colaborating with GPS Club. Represented by Secretary General, Miss Hidayah Saufi, The event gives an insight on nature use and the impact of the program in Pahang state.

April 2021

SRC "Projek Ramadhan" Launching & DRB-HICOM U Ihya' Ramadhan

The Council launched Projek Ramadhan as an initiative in assisting students iftar during Ramadhan in University Village. The program involved Resident Committee and volunteers in distributing the food pack. Besides, the initiative includes helping those in need in Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Perempuan Darussalam Al-Mokhtar and Pondok Warga Emas Nur Iman in Pahang.


5th May 2021

IM1L Project with Student Affairs Centre

The project was initiated in helping our fellow friends in need of the tools assistance. The receipient was selected through a process provided by the university, we reached the students in their home due to pandemic.