DRB-HICOM University is a place called home. 

Our campus focused on academic, co-curricular activities, entertainment, and many more. 

Student Representative Council helps to create a fun environment in the campus lifestyle. We present to you our “Lepaking” stations.


Cyberspace is a room full of entertainment and joy for all students of DRB-HICOM U to fill their leisure time on campus between classes. Cyberspace is located in the Student Activity Centre Level 1.
Cyberspace is also a platform for e-sports athlete to showcase their talent.


Strynex Studio is a studio for broadcasting and editing purposes for all DRB-HICOM U community. Media Secretariat and studio crew is in charge of the studio located in FOE A Building Level 2.
Strynex studio focusing on students development to showcase their talent in photography, videography and multimedia skills.


UV Digital Cube is a mini-computer lab facilities in University Village. Located in Tower 2 and Tower 3, the cube provides computer services and students leisure center in UV. The operating hours from 5.00 pm till 2.00 am will help those in need after office hours for assignment, and discussion purposes.


Barbar Shop is an initiative for student-preneur to open up their business in DRB-HICOM University. Barbar shop provides haircuts and shaves services for men. The ultimate goal is to build a clientele of repeat customers, as well as new customers through customer referrals.